Healthcare Strong
Product Designer
Independent client
May 2023 / Sep 2023
Team Size
7 participants
*I was the only designer
Stakeholder understanding
Agile Methodologies
Problem Research Analysis
Research Planning
Qualitative User Research
Product Research Analysis
Competition Analysis
Co-exploration sessions
User Define
Co-define sessions
Information Arquitecture
Interaction Flow
Interaction Design
Conversational Design
Design Documentation
UI Kit Creation
Product Design
Healthcare Strong is a personalized service by Georgina Villareal that offers wellness services, focusing on nutrition, fitness, and well-being mainly for nurses in the USA but also includes other areas of healthcare workers.
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Involved users and problem
Being a nurse in the United States is challenging. There is a high dropout rate from the profession, with most nurses quitting before they turn 30. I conducted an empathy map to understand the involved users better.

This audience lacks the time to prioritize themselves, constantly experiencing mental and physical stress due to their responsibilities and working shifts ranging from 8 to 12 hours. These factors make it difficult for them to maintain healthy habits, leading to burnout, quitting the profession, or even issues like difficulties in becoming pregnant...
"Being a nurse in the United States is challenging"
Current Service Healthcare Strong
The client has a personalized service, this service is offered personally through three plans to no more than 30-40 people. The challenge now is to adapt this into a mass B2B solution for clinics and hospitals. To offer the same service in a mobile app format to hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers in the US. The upgrade aims not only to simplify into a single comprehensive solution but also to target a massive audience.
Healthcare Strong started with a custom 1:1 solution
Problem Definition
A service designed to enhance the quality of life of healthcare workers, improving work-life balance through self-care strategies. Increasing energy levels, reducing stress, and enhancing all aspects of well-being.

The issue with adapting a personalized service for no more than 50 people to a service targeting hundreds of thousands is that it loses the personal touch and closeness one has with their client. To understand the current workflow and maintain warmth and personalization in the process, I conducted a journey map of the current workflow. Through this, I found not only the process but also the pain points clients experience, such as lack of motivation, unclear guidance, not knowing how to start, limited workout time, among others.
Some of the screens of the onboarding
I had the chance to speak with several nurses, colleagues of the client, to understand their habits, motivations, pain points, and what they do currently to counter them. I also conducted a survey where I obtained over 70 responses and fundamental findings. Some validated the hypotheses I had about the architecture, content, and some flows, while others were refuted and changed.

Questions were asked such as…
What are your goals for using a wellness app?
What type of wellness activities do you prefer to do in your free time?
How many hours do you dedicate to your work shift?
When can you dedicate time to wellness?
Do you need or want a guide on how to start the initial weeks? (a proposal developed based on previous info was shown)
Areas of interest
And more
Some of the screens of the onboarding
I started to research and map out several indirect competitors in terms of fitness, nutrition, and well-being services. All of this to understand how they approach their service, navigation, architecture, communication, and user flows. This included looking into workouts and nutrition. I found solutions that covered 2 out of the 3 aspects, either superficially or thoroughly. I investigated services like SWEAT, 8fit, MyFitnessPal, Nike Training Club, Tone It Up, Pura Mente, among others.
Analysis of the competences
Arquitecture, navigation and content
Having worked on the user flows and the architecture the application would have, I started working at a low fidelity to see the content structure and the content itself. It is essential to gather user data for companies to see the value the service is providing.

Understanding the person's energy levels and their progress, their weight, and general health is vital. People are encouraged to use it daily and to engage with the app in a fun way to achieve their daily goals. We added a component of a 4-week weekly guide, created with the client and a stakeholder based on research information.
"Huddle" instead of "Home." Huddle is the place where all healthcare workers come together for updates or a summary.
I worked on the flows of all the onboardings, as there is much customization, both fitness and nutrition have their wizard, where crucial information is gathered to tailor everything to them.
Duollar screen and their different states
First Onboarding
Mapping work shifts
A value to highlight strictly for healthcare workers is that workouts are automatically scheduled on their days off. This is optional, as it is recommended not to do workouts on workdays due to the long working hours; instead, they are encouraged to do breathing and meditation exercises.
Work calendar
Duollar screen and their different states
This is one of the main sections, fitness, where people can see their upcoming workouts, the programs they have enrolled in, and perform the exercises in that workout. Most staff do not have tools but mainly do home workouts without them.
Duollar internal and its different states
Duollar screen and their different states
For the nutrition section, negotiations were made, and discussions held with Suggestic, the company that would provide us with the API with all the recipes and customization. So, this section was worked on in conjunction with what they provided and how it could be adapted.
Nutrition Wizard
Duollar screen and their different states
Meal preps
A nutritional plan specially created for the individual, with its ingredients, recipe, and the possibility of viewing the shopping list and adding to favorites is available. Tracking whether the meal was eaten or not is available to understand the value of the section and the engagement it is creating. Additionally, it provides personal motivation.
Meal Plan
Duollar screen and their different states
The profile
The profile was one of the biggest challenges, as all the user-tracked information had to be displayed harmoniously, comprehensibly, and motivate the individual to improve and frequent it. It is essential to note that everything is thoughtfully designed. For instance, the weight goal is a range, not a specific number, to avoid creating anxiety about reaching a goal and trying to maintain a numeric value, leading the individual to stress and obsess. Instead, it encourages maintaining a healthy range.
"The profile was one of the biggest challenges"
Duollar screen and their different states
In the profile, there is also access to achievements, a section added with the same purpose as many others, to create greater engagement and encourage progressive and playful progress. Encouraging not only the individual but also sharing it benefits Healthcare Strong through organic marketing on social networks and showing companies the time their employees spend on the app. I carried out the definition of the achievements, illustrations, and general animations.
"To create engagement and encourage progressive and playful progress"
Duollar screen and their different states
Tracking progress photos
A crucial and delicate section is where the individual's photos are recorded. Every Sunday, individuals are invited to log their weight and take pictures to monitor their progress over time. It was challenging to work on the communication and these flows. The flow is accessible from the home, and the history is in the profile.These are the initial screens of the flow explaining the reasons and what the individual will do.
Home access and the photos history in the profile
Duollar screen and their different states
Weekly Check-in
Duollar screen and their different states
Iterations and testing
The application underwent several changes in some flows. I carried out usability tests to evaluate some of the main and most complex sections regarding interaction, such as the workout part. Initially, a closed and linear flow was proposed for the training, but due to various factors, it was iterated and replaced with an open and flexible flow.
An example of a flow that suffered an iteration based on the testing
Duollar screen and their different states
Iteration of the workout
Here the individual can choose where to start within the circuits and can jump to where to go and what to do, always having visibility of the entire workout. Access to weights and repetitions is available on the same screen, along with tracking confirming the completion since the training minutes are tracked.
A flexible way to workout. Since the users doesn't have enough time to workout, it's better to make 3 exercises rather than nothing.
Duollar screen and their different states
Web portal for the client and the company
To accomplish all this, web portals were also created for the client and companies. I handled the entire process, using Ant Design for the interface and some custom features for creating workouts and graphics. As you can notice, the project was enormous, and it required a lot of effort, research and detail.
Users data in the client portal
Duollar screen and their different states
Creating the workout and program flow was the biggest challenge, finding a simple and clear solution for a process that might seem complex at first glance.
Workout creator
Duollar screen and their different states
Adding to all this is the inclusion of metrics with Google Firebase and measurement tools to understand how the app will be used. This first MVP (big MVP, haha) is currently under development and will be launched soon to validate the model and start iterating from real data.
Duollar screen and their different states
Current status
The app is under development as a sizable MVP, nearing its launch to validate the model and initiate iterations based on real data. The project encompasses a wide range of features, emphasizing a user-friendly design that encourages daily engagement and a healthy lifestyle. It presents a significant step toward achieving a harmonized solution for healthcare workers, aiming to enhance their quality of life through comprehensive wellness solutions.
Duollar screen and their different states