Redesigning the Supervielle experience
UX Designer
Supervielle / Agency EGO
Apr - 2020 - Nov - 2021
Team Size
Stakeholder understanding
Agile Methodologies
Problem Research Analysis
Research Planning
Qualitative User Research
Quantitative User Research
Product Research Analysis
Competition Analysis
Co-exploration sessions
User Define
Co-define sessions
Information Arquitecture
Interaction Flow
Interaction Design
Conversational Design
Product Design
Supervielle is a banking entity of Argentine origin in which I participated in the redesign of the Online Banking experience and in sections of the public site. My role was Generalist UX Designer, where I not only did the wireframes and interface components, but also the research, interviews, usability tests with clients, etc.

Unfortunately all the content I made is confidential so it cannot be public.
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The projects
A large part of the sections that I am going to mention are used by you in your bank. Also, all these sections include their respective cases. What are the different cases? Those things that could happen to the user and it is not generally considered important to design them in the first instance. What will the card homepage look like if you don't have any cards yet? What and how do we notify the user if they cannot schedule a recipient? What if he can't transfer him?... as you can imagine, there are a lot. For example, for the agenda of transfers that I made in the Online Banking I remember we've found nearly 18 different cases.

Sections I made:
- Transferencies
- Agenda of destinatiries
- Payment of Services
- Home Credit and Debit Cards
- Echeqs
- Pymes registration flow (2 months project)
- Digital Services, the one showing you down here (public site, 2 months project)
Session with the stakeholders to define the Persona